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What is RESET?

RESET is a simple and effective 5 day cleanse to balance your blood sugars, infuse your cells with antioxidants and minerals, and also reset your microbiome and restore proper balance to your gut health.  Average weight loss is 4 pounds.  It can be used as a jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle combined with our 28 day Transform Phase for continued weight loss or our 28 Day Maintain Phase for maintaining and living a healthy lifestyle.   Some people choose to do the 5 Day RESET just to RESET and get back on track.  I have many clients who do them 4-5 times a year, after the Holidays, an indulgent trip, or to prepare for a trip!

RESET is the simple system that changed my life, helped me kick my cravings, rebalance my gut health, and jumpstart a healthy lifestyle from the inside out!  I have taken more than 500 people through the 5 day RESET and continue to get amazing results!

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Restoration. Weight Loss. Energy

I just finished the RESET Program! I knew you told me it would help, but I had to experience it myself. I am a sugar addict! I didn’t crave sugar at all and was completely satisfied. I even ate more than I usually do. I had a headache the first two days coming off of the “sugar high” but now I feel amazing!

I feel absolutely amazing and have lost some stubborn weight. My cravings for processed food have pretty much completely disappeared. The inflammation in my body has also improved.  I am so pleased that I have now encouraged my husband to begin the program so that this can be a way of life for both of us. Thank you so much for introducing us to this lifestyle and educating us about how to eat properly.

I was skeptical that this would work for me. I have a HUGE sweet tooth and struggle with dieting. But after 2 days on the program, I was shocked that I felt no desire to eat simple sugars or junk food. It was so easy to get through and I lost 11 pounds.   I now realize the importance of keeping my insulin levels steady and the low glycemic shakes for breakfast help me get a great start on the day! They are deliciousI really look forward to them.  I have never had vitamins give me such amazing results either! I am so thankful for the education I received from the Inspire Health coaches! Can’t wait to see what the next few months bring!

I’ve been so amazed with my increased energy level since doing the RESET system.  Before, I always crashed at least once a day.  My head would get ‘fuzzy’, I’d have tunnel vision, a terrible headache, any work for the day was over. Now I start the day with a shake and munch on a bar or other ‘clean eating’ food every few hours and feel great! I’m never hungry. My energy level is even-keeled. I often get home from work, feeling like I could have already eaten dinner and not known. And I end up usually having another shake because I miss the taste! So thankful I feel so great now!

It is so fun to do the RESET together as a couple.  We are on day 3. Our cravings are already greatly reduced, we feel full and satisfied, have much more energy and have lost weight (He has lost 4 lb and I’ve lost 2 lb). We’re excited to use this low glycemic diet to reset our blood sugars and spur us on towards cleaner and healthier eating habits!

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Look forward to helping you get started on RESET!  Following RESET, if you want to continue to our next phase, we can discuss those options!

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