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Lindsey is one of the most enthusiastic individuals I know and her passion for living a healthy life is contagious and makes me want to make better choices in my own life. Lindsey’s focus on promoting inner beauty has encouraged me to first, beautify myself inwardly, which I’ve learned will ultimately reflect outwardly. Lindsey truly lives the lifestyle she teaches and represents and has the true gift of encouragement! – Virginia

Lindsey is so caring and genuine in her love of helping others. She is a passionate teacher of cellular health and overall nutrition – she makes it so easy for me to understand! ~ Meghan

I had so many misconceptions about dieting and nutrition UNTIL I met Lindsey. She personally taught me how to eat the right way and helped me transform my life before I even met her in person! I knew I wanted to learn more and never gain those 30 pounds back, so I joined the Inspire Health Team to help other women do the same. ~ Cathy

Lindsey has helped me understand the importance of a lifestyle change to a low glycemic lifestyle and the addition of vitamins and antioxidant supplements for my health.  At 59, I have shed 12 pounds of fat including inches in my middle and stomach, areas hard to lose in as we get older.  Knee, back and general joint aches are better!   ~  Julie

Working with Lindsey is incredible. With her help, my husband and I were able to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle that has been long lasting. She freely gave of her time, answering questions and supporting us along the way. She is genuine and it was apparent that her number one priority was helping us with our goals. ~ Michelle

I now realize that healthy eating isn’t focusing on low calorie/low fat, it’s all about low glycemic. By giving my body exactly what it needs, it craves what it needs. In just one month, my cravings for sugar & diet coke have honestly disappeared. Truly amazing!!!  ~Carrie

Lindsey has inspired me to live a healthy, fit lifestyle by educating me about the glycemic index and how our bodies process food.  I have blood sugar issues and was approaching it the wrong way.  By learning about the glycemic index, I have been able to meet some personal goals of course, but have also felt so much healthier!  Lindsey is such a sweet, spiritual friend and a huge support in helping me learn and live a healthy lifestyle! Love her!  ~  Stephanie

Lindsey is awesome! Ever since I first met her, she has made me feel so comfortable and she’s very easy to talk too. She has helped me with nutrition advice and has been such a encouraging person for me. She’s good!  ~Renee


I met Lindsey in the gym one day and she instantly became one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. You can’t help but fall in love with her!  Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is one of the most loving, caring and genuine woman I’ve ever met. I love her passion and her sincerity for helping others and that is why I chose to partner and work with her. It has not only been a ton of fun, but it’s also been a great confidence booster as she has taught me and supported me so much. I am so glad I walked up to her in the gym that day and I am even more grateful I chose to partner with her! My life has truly been blessed because of Lindsey. ~Emily

Being a part of Inspire Health Team, and working with Lindsey is one of the best choices I’ve made in my life. Not only have I found a way to earn income while doing what I love as a health coach, but I get to work each day with wonderful people who have become my family. We support each other. We inspire each other. We are a community in its best form.  ~ Sara

I’m so blessed to be a part of such an inspiring team. I appreciate the support that is shared between each other and the constant encouragement in not only my business, but in my own personal health journey. ~ Rebecca

Partnering with Lindsey has allowed me to pursue the dreams I have always been chasing after. I have a deep passion for helping others and this team has given me the opportunity to do just that, while also being part of an amazing community of women. ~ Paige

Love the avenue the Inspire Health Team has given me when it comes to helping people with their health, not to mention the fact that I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been! And, it’s an added bonus that I love working with the other women on the team and have genuine, loving relationships with them. ~ Noell

From the first time I met Lindsey, she made me feel like her friend.  She has a servant’s heart and genuinely cares about people and their health  ~Beth
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