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I wish we could sit on my front porch, drink a glass of tea together and get to know each other.  But how neat is it that we can connect from all over the world right here?  I’m going to give you some insight into the purpose behind my passion, but I really want to get to know you too! So make sure you reach out on my blog, social media platforms or CONTACT ME!


Health starts on the inside!  Optimal Health means to live life with vitality, free of troubling symptoms and chronic disease.  In my own words, I would say that Optimal Health means Freedom!

Freedom to love and nourish ourselves from the inside out.  Freedom from the stress we place on ourselves to be perfect.  We listen to everything society tells us to do, when really, it is very simple.  Health is being in love with your life. Yes, I want you to be physically healthy and feel beautiful as everyone  should.  But if other areas of your life are out of balance, you won’t be able to achieve this no matter how hard you try.  Health is about balance.  It’s about loving yourself on the journey.  Health is discovering your purpose and pursuing your passions and dreams. It’s having meaningful relationships and laughing at yourself when you make mistakes! Health is nourishing your whole self and living life with purpose!

As a Certified Health Coach, I am here to inspire you to nourish your body from the inside out.  Through my own journey of an eating disorder, exercise obsession {that truly controlled my self-esteem}  and having three kids in four years, I have finally discovered how to have a truly healthy relationship with my body and food and a healthy balance with exercise.  The past ten years have been a healing process, but I can now say I am the healthiest I have EVER been in my life.  And not just physically.  The first thing that had to change were my beliefs.  Actions are a result of our beliefs!  I want everyone to experience this freedom and I am here to help you.

As a Business Mentor and Founder of the Inspire Health Team, I find my greatest joy in serving others.  It is a privilege to be able to mentor other women to create a business around their passion for health and creating more financial freedom in their lives.  We have over 200 health coaches and 1,000 Clients in our organization now!  You will receive extensive training, access to our programs and join an amazing community of genuine women! We have so many exciting things coming out this year!!  Plus, you get to work with me one on one and duplicate my system!

I am here to invite you to partner with us, so that you can join in our mission to spread the vision of health to others and create a business that will allow you to use your passion to make a difference.  We have so much fun together and do everything on-line!  Sound interesting?  Read more HERE.

And finally as a friend,  I find no greater purpose than being a source of encouragement!  I understand how busy your life is and how challenging it can be to balance everything. I am here to simplify, educate, inspire and remind you that YOU are worth it and YOU can fall in love with your life!

Professional BIO:

  • Mom of three Amazing Children
  • Wife of a Football Coach  {Cheerleader}
  • Friend and Mentor
  • Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer
  • Entrepreneur and Founder Inspire Health Team
  • Speaker
  • B School Graduate
  • Business Coach
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Ambassador

Things I love…

  • My faith is important to me and I love Jesus.  God has done miracles in my life and healed me in miraculous ways so I owe everything I do to Him.
  • I love my family.  They come first.  I am passionately in love with my husband.   He is my best friend and so thankful he is so supportive of me!  My children are blessings and I will never take them for granted. I have learned over the years with “having a little and having a lot” that meaningful relationships bring more joy than money ever can!
  • I love people.  That includes you!  I love meeting and getting to know the stories behind everyone.  Relationships are super important to me!
  • I love music.  I grew up playing the piano, violin, guitar and love to sing!
  • Nature is my escape!  I was raised on a coastal island in Georgia with alligators in my backyard, oak trees with spanish moss, deer and water all around.   I love to hike with my family and really enjoy anything outside as long as the temperature is above 60 degrees.
  • I also LOVE the gym.  Having been a cardio girl for years, lifting weights and stretching out with YOGA has become a new passion of mine.  Balance of course.
  • Football would have to be right up here on the list.  It was hard for me not to put it higher ha! My great grandfather, grandfather, father, husband and now my boys play football.  My husband has also coached football since we were married 14 years ago!  It’s in my blood.  I am an avid Georgia Bulldog fan and Spartan fan and I recommend not judging my character when I am watching a tense game.
  • I do eat healthy and I LOVE to cook – yay for recipes on my blog!  My favorite meal is roasted veggies, salmon and sweet potatoes, but I also believe that chocolate is good for you in moderation.  I love baking and can make some desserts that you would die for..and might cause you to die!!  So again, moderation.
  • I enjoy noticing the little things in life.  A smile, a kind word, little creatures that God created, flowers and seashells.
  • Crayons, coloring, photo apps and anything creative make me smile:)
  • I love being an entrepreneur for so many reasons (freedom to stay home with kids, flexibility, creativity, finances) but mostly because I love helping others and I love our Inspire Health Team. They are truly my best friends!
  • I try to live each day as if it were my last.  Love God, love others and live life with passion and purpose!

If you would like to connect, feel free to contact me.  For more information on working with me, click here.

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Lindsey xo

You have everything you need to fulfill your purpose!  Don’t dilute yourself for any person or any reason.  YOU ARE ENOUGH!  Be unappolegetically YOU!



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